Truly Handcrafted Guitar Straps

Welcome to the website of Old Forge Strap™.  


From the Appalachian Region of Pennsylvania, we offer handmade leather straps for your guitar.  Our leather straps are simple yet elegant in design.  Soft and durable, we strive to make a strap for your instrument that will stand up to decades if not a lifetime of wear.  This is fine American craftsmanship.


Old Forge Strap is a proud Pennsylvanian company.

Classic Leather Guitar Straps

Vintage Style Leather Guitar Straps

Home of the "Double Buckle" Extra Long Strap

Old Forge Strap Double Buckle Extra Long Guitar Strap Brown
The "Double Buckle" Extra Long Guitar Strap 70" +

Old Forge Strap is home of the "Double Buckle."  3" Wide and measuring up to 73.5" in adjustable length, this is THE strap for bass players, players that own jumbo-sized or large acoustic guitars, and those that like their instrument strapped low.  Available in Classic Black or Russet Brown.  The Double Buckle is THE definitive EXTRA long leather guitar strap.  Browse the Double Buckle.

Artisan Series Leather Guitar Straps

The Artisan's Strap...

OFS-LXC Luxury Concho
OFS-LXC Luxury Concho

'Forged' by a master leather worker, The Artisan Series by Old Forge Strap embodies exquisite craftsmanship using simplistic design and high-quality leather.  


Our first strap in the series is the Luxury Concho.

Leather Strap Buttons

Leather Strap Button
OFS-LSB Old Forge Strap Leather Strap Button

Our leather strap buttons are able to be quickly fastened or removed from the headstock of your instrument.  Designed for instruments without an upper strap button, now you can use your strap without a dangling string or having to modify your instrument.